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What is Doorstep Health Services?
Doorstep Health Services is a comprehensive primary care services provided to our registered clients at their homes. We provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative services under the overall supervision of a panel of qualified doctors. Many agencies and bureaus provide nurses and assistants; others provide laboratory services, or pharmacy services. Doctors too visit homes. However, the services are not under one umbrella. As a result the  doctor is not in control of the other staff and services resulting in differing instructions, procedures or attendance and lack of records, all affecting the patient adversely. We provide all health related services under one roof so that the patient gets good seamless primary care by well trained staff comfortably and without the inconvenience of taking leave, traffic, waiting and travel.  Care can be provided even if the family members   are unable to be present. Each case will be assigned to a doctor who will monitor the tasks carried out by all others associated with the care giving process.

What are the advantages of this system?
The advantages are:-

  • Care at home-no need to travel to any place for routine requirements.
  • Care available for your loved ones even if you can’t be there.
  • Care by qualified and well trained doctors, nurses and assistants.
  • Single window access.
  • Help during hospitalizations.
  • Relief for care givers
  • Shorter Hospital stays

How Can I avail the services mentioned?
The services are available to our registered clients. Registration is in mutual interests. It provides us with accurate information about the prospective patient, besides knowing the exact location of where the service is to be provided. Staff from our facility will visit and capture all details like need, past illness, health Insurance if any, preferred hospital in case of hospitalization etc. An ID card will be provided to the patient.  After this your health is our concern.

What is the procedure for registration?
Just call or email us. A member from our facility will lead you through the process. There are two types of registrations, Individual & Family.

Individual Registration:
Pay just Rs 950/- per year for registration plus Rs 500/- (refundable deposit) for one individual A free doctor visit any time during the year ( By appointment)

  • A free nurse visit (upto 2 hours) any time during the year (By appointment)
  • Unlimited free visits for laboratory sample collection
  • Free Home delivery of Pharmacy once a month for a year with discounts

Family Registration:
Pay just Rs 3500/- per year for your entire family (up to 5 members) plus Rs 500/- (refundable deposit) and avail all of the following services for free!(besides the initial visit for registration) –

  • Three free doctor visits any time during the year (By appointment)
  • Three free nurse visits any time during the year (By appointment)
  • Any number of free visits for laboratory sample collection
  • Free home delivery of Pharmacy once a month for a year with discounts

What services are provided after registration?
All visits are by appointment.
The following services are provided –

Doctor Services:
Doctor Visits could be for –  

  • Consultation,
  • Medical Examination
  • Certification
  • Vaccination
  •  Immunization

Rates for procedures like sutures, removal of benign growths, incision and drainage etc would be discussed prior to the procedure.

Nurse Services:
Nurse visits include the following services –

  • Measurement of temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation respiratory rate and  BP record per patient
  • glucometer check of blood sugar
  • intramuscular injections;
  • minor dressings/Major dressings
  • nebulisation
  • Catheterization
  • Intravenous Injections/drip

Attendant Services:
The attendants can be utilised for the following services

  • Accompany for OPD visits
  • Attendant for hospital stay
  • Attendant for home care
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Taking for a walk
  • Grocery shopping / bank work

(super discounts if attendants used for more than 4 hours)

Diagnostic Services:

  • Pathology - No home collection charges. Online reports will be provided on the same day.
  • ECG – with facility for instant cardiology opinion
  • Portable x – ray
  • Pharmacy services - All medicines and medical equipment will be delivered at your doorstep (min qty worth Rs.200/-) with a discount of 5-10% on the MRP. Medical equipment and consumables (like urine bags, catheters, walkers, air mattresses) up to 20% off on the MRP.

Other Services:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Telephonic Consultation
  • Help during Hospitalization: We are not affiliated to any hospital. Hospitalization will be where you want. Visit to the hospital to coordinate or discuss the case with the hospital will be provided.

How do I pay for the services used?
Payment is to be made directly to our representative. In case not made, the amount will be debited from the deposit, till payment is effected. Please ensure that you take a receipt from the service provider. A record of all services utilized by you will be kept in your personal file.

Can I take only some of the services?
While we recommend that you use all our services you are welcome to use any of our services as and when required.

Is this a 24/7 service?
At present the services are from 0900 to 2000h. The services will be scaled up to 24/7 as soon as our call centre is set up.

Is the service for only elderly patients?
The service is for all,- the very busy, the chronically ill, the elderly, or for those needing palliative care. Students, office goers and the elderly would especially benefit.

Is this an emergency service?
As mentioned on our website, we are a primary care and support service. Though we will make every effort to assist you in case of an emergency, we cannot claim to be an emergency service.

To many Doorstep is a strong foundation at the entrance to their homes - a threshold. To others, it signifies accessibility, proximity, and support. For us the name and symbol represent our mission to provide accessible, responsive and professional healthcare services to our community.
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